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  March 2012    

Greetings and Happy Spring!

This newsletter will be more personal than usual. Thank you for understanding.

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui workshops are now completed and were wonderful. I will begin personal feng shui consultations this week. Things should get back to normal soon~ meditation classes will resume, remedy orders will be shipped in a timely manner, and maybe my house will get cleaned and laundry washed! I am looking forward to some quiet time and sleeping in my own bed.

During this my busiest season of the year, I also curated an art show in the City of Downey, showed paintings at the Modernism show in Palm Springs, and completed a piece of public art. The controversy around my public art, WE ARE NOW, has gotten considerable press and even a youtube short and I am both grateful for the love and support and heartbroken by the current status of it. Please read the following article on the website of the Downey Arts Coalition:

"We Are Now" Lives up to its name

I hope to generate enough positive responses to the following blogs to encourage the City of Downey to restore the artwork. Please post comments on one or all of them if you are so inclined:
Update: the Downey Patriot's links are dead. Please write to them directly.

The Downey Patriot - Artist Roy Anthony Shabla unveils street art

The Downey Patriot - Roy Anthony Shablas art project wasnt approved by the city

The Downey Patriot - Roy Anthony Shabla explains himself

I have a long history as a public artist. If you have not read my memoir, (PEACE) WORDS, go to the books page of for more information. This current controversy will go into my next memoir.

To see many of my graffiti designs for the peace and equal rights movements, go to and click t-shirts. I send the September 11th design postcard to President Obama regularly, daily if I can. What have you done today to save the world?

For those of you who took the Annual Astrological Feng Shui workshop, WE ARE NOW is located in the conflict sector of the property. In a couple of the photographs, you can see candles burning to counteract the conflict. But the candles keep being removed. The City of Downey is involved in another controversy, the removal of candles and flowers from various sites where police shot and killed innocent, unarmed citizens. It is not known if the removal of candles around WE ARE NOW is also a part of the city’s attempt to "clean up".

For healthy candles for your feng shui, go to the Feng Shui Shops on There are also windchimes and fountains and other necessary items.

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and WE ARE NOW, use Green Light to balance and harmonize your life, remove conflict, open your heart chakra, and attract money. We all need a little green right now!

Thank you for indulging me in this personal newsletter. I promise to return to a more professional format next month.

For the feng shui treatments for the month of March, click here.

Make art, not war!

Roy Anthony Shabla


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