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Chakra Tonic

The chakras are portals of spiritual energy which connect to specific points on the physical body. They pertain to psycho-emotional issues which manifest in the physical body and the physical life. Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes. It supports the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues. Chakra Tonic is like "kundalini-yoga-in-a-bottle."

As a tonic, it is best used regularly over a period of time. This is an excellent basic remedy. Chakra Tonic combines well with the other spiritual remedies — choose to combine remedies to focus the energy to a desired action (eg: Chakra Tonic with Bright Brain for hormone balancing; Chakra Tonic with E-motion Potion for psychological processing; Chakra Tonic with Bright Immunity for strength and vitality).

This is an important remedy during pregnancy (especially for the healthy development of the fetus), menopause, home re-modeling (combine with First Aid), mid-life crisis, or any life-transition. Chakra Tonic helps you maintain healthy balance.


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  September 2008    

Happy Birthday Virgo Babies!   

Summer is unofficially over but the weather officially continues. The ninth month amplifies what the eighth month delivered. September will be a month of ungroundedness, anxiety, hysteria, and confusion. You may find yourself day-dreaming, unmotivated, and distracted. Beware of depression. If you are a Virgo, crisis is your natural state and you should be using these treatments regularly; if you are anyone else, use First Aid and Chakra Tonic liberally and regularly throughout the month.

In feng shui, September is the eighth month and it amplifies the entire year. Make sure your annual feng shui treatments are strong and in-place ~ the good attributes will be better and the bad will be worse. This year, the East sector of the home is the best luck, the South sector the worst. Beware of sinus problems, stomach problems, and violence or injury leading to death. The negative attributes will affect women more than men.

The positive attributes include great fortune, especially for the earth and metal businesses such as real estate and jewelry; and soulmate romance, especially for the first-born son. Caution, however, must be taken to avoid a third-party sexual scandal. Unbalanced feng shui, especially too much stimulation in the North East sector will leave you vulnerable to this.

There are no monthly feng shui treatments separate from the annual treatments. It is suggested you spray your home and office with Radiation Cleanse and Aura Sprtiz to keep the feng shui balanced.

Radiation Cleanse

The degenerative effects of cell phones, microwaved food, television and computer monitors, electric blankets and clocks and appliances are deep to the cellular and atomic levels and lasting. Medical radiation, military and commercial electromagnetic fields, ley lines, and the fallout from nuclear reactions are even worse. Negative radiation is linked to the dehydration of the planet and the trend toward sterilization of the human race. Nothing escapes the dysbiosis caused by radiation.

Radiation Cleanse is an effective antidote to all forms of life-negative emanations. It corrects the mis-polarity of all systems (atomic, cellular, electrical, chakric, auric, etcetera) and repairs the damage caused by negative radiation. It is indispensable in these modern times. Use when other subtle energy work is ineffective.

Symptoms of radiation toxicity can include: dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, weakness, spaciness; but degenerative effects occur before physical symptoms. Combine with Bright Brain and Chakra Tonic for severe symptoms.

Aura Spritz

The aura is a complex, multi-dimensional vibration-bundle which contains all information about you. A small portion of the aura is known as the light around the body, the halo. The complete aura exists both within and without time/space and contains all your spiritual bodies and reaches to the edges of the universe. Ascended Masters have access to the complete aura while most people operate within a very limited energy space.

Damage to the aura affects the physical body, the chakric body, the emotional body; it affects the physical life-process, the spiritual life-process.

The aura is damaged by many antagonists: radiation (use with Radiation Cleanse); family/inter-personal dysfunction (use with Chakra Tonic); anger, jealously (use with E-motion Potion)...

But most importantly, the aura is damaged by psychic attack, black magic, voodoo. Negative thoughts directed from a casual encounter are very tangible antagonists to the integrity of the aura. Ritual abuse/attack is much worse. Aura Spritz cleanses and repairs the aura at all levels and cuts karmic cords to all antagonists. It amplifies all other remedies (eg: see above; also: Silver Light for peace; Green Light for harmony/healing; Love Light for universal compassion, etcetera). For severe auric damage, use with First Aid. For destructive empathy, use as a tonic with First Aid. Aura Spritz is your first line of defense from bad luck in any form because everything exists in your aura before it exists in your life.


This is also a good feng shui month for art and fashion. I have designed new Peace Shirts and hoodies and children's clothes as well as other products such as note cards, magnets, and wall clocks ~ each with fresh designs of hope and peace for the world. The wall clocks are particularly good feng shui, stimulating prosperity and compassion.

Take a look at the new designs and styles (even a few hidden designs not linked from and wear on your chest what is truly in your heart. These original designs are available nowhere else. Make a statement you stand behind. And remind yourself to save the world. And remind the world to save you!

Film and Books

My short film, body of water, is now uploaded to youtube. Due to the specifications of youtube, it is divided into three sections. View them full-screen to improve the experience. The three sections are a total of twelve minutes.

View body of water part one
View body of water part two
View body of water part three

Thank you for viewing my movie. Your participation is the completion of my art.

My handmade book, body of water, is creeping toward completion. Thank you for your patience and support. A civilization is judged by its poetry, remembered by its art. Participate in cultural life everyday or consider it wasted. Spirit is not manifested in prayer only. But in every word from the poet’s pen!

My recent book, Feng Shui Every Day, has been receiving a great response from clients and feng shui students alike. It is simple, clear, and easily understandable, sharing much secret information feng shui masters will not divulge. If you have not yet gotten your copy of Feng Shui Every Day, order it now and begin improving your life in the first few pages. It makes a great and thoughtful gift. And will pay for itself a hundred times over.


This is a great time of transitions for everyone and everything at and We have been working overtime to improve our websites, our products, ourselves… and we thank you for your consideration during this process. That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger… or at least gives us more interesting stories!

May the universe support the glorious summer of your life for every moment you live it.

Much love, and












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