. July 2003  
Healing with Words  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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all here is illusion.

this disease is not me
and will not go with me when I leave.

this loneliness is not real.
I am held in the constant embrace of the divine.

there is celebration in my soul
though there is heartache in my body.

the vast emptiness of my purse
and the vast fullness of yours
are distraction:
there is no need;
there is only joy.

I do not need shelter
for God is my home.

I do not need food;
I am eating God like a glutton.

I breathe merely for the joy of breathing
like a walk in the summer meadow.

I eat food
for the great gratitude of the gift.

understand that all here is joy
because joy is the only thing that is real.



This is a very challenging time on the planet and in the universe and this newsletter will be challenging as well! Slow yourself down and focus on what is important in life; that and the following information will help you through this period.

Due to mischievous elements, the text for blessthebody.com Love Light did not appear in the June 2003 issue and so it is included here as well as blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse.

Remember the predictions at the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Goat regarding water-energy (stagnant; plumbing; drought; kidney) and earth-energy (quakes; foundations; radon; death). We are approaching the peak months of the Chinese year. Check your structures, property, self.

This is a time of construction and remodeling. If you are remodeling your home, take the opportunity to incorporate blessings into the building.

While walls are open, insert blessthehome.com Blessing Tags and affirmations on Prayer Paper to become a permanent part of the structure. If pouring cement, add Blessing Tags and affirmations on Prayer Paper into the forms. These can be inserted directly or in a ziplock plastic bag. Gemstones, holy pictures, talismans can also be added.

Prayer Paper

The ritual of healing with language is as ancient as the art of healing itself. Every culture has had its form of healing with language and many of these forms are passed down to us today. Both the spoken and written word are very powerful healers and each has its place in spiritual work.

The written word is powerful both internally and externally. The act of writing engrains the brain and encodes the tissue. The piece of writing interacts with the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, the chakras, the aura.

blessthehome.com Prayer Paper is a traditional offering at ritual burnings. It is beautiful and very activating for the intentions written on it. Use in conjunction with blessthehome.com Ritual Envelopes for affirmations, spells, wish lists — especially for the blesstheworld.com Ritual Meditations.

Bring the ritual of healing with language into your life.

Love Light

The basic activity of the universe is love.

Any disharmony in your self, your home, your life; any disharmony in your community, your country, your planet — is a situation where the basic, natural activity of the universe is blocked. (If you do not understand this statement, re-read it substituting the word "god" or your equivalent for the word "universe".)

Every activity on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" — from cellular (cancer) to planetary (pollution). Every inter-action on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" — from familial (abuse) to planetary (war).

blessthebody.com Love Light is the experience of love in a bottle. It infuses your self, your home, your life (both actions and inter-actions) with love. It infuses your community, your country, your planet (both actions and inter-actions) with love.

Unblock yourself to the basic, natural activity of the universe and do your part to bless the world.

Love heals all wounds.

Love dissolves all barriers.

And love shall set you free.

Implant Cleanse

Deep-seated encoding and implants from fourth-dimensional interference or hereditary karma can impede the ability of the DNA structure to replicate correctly, causing mutation and illness. Often this is a vibrational disturbance that is subtle and the problem manifests over a period of time. Other cases are more overt and acute.

blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse removes the vibrational disturbance creating the underlying imbalance. Combine with blessthebody.com Love Light for best results. Add Aura Spritz and White Light for particularly difficult situations. Add blessthebody.com herbal remedy Sunshine to speed physical change. This is highly recommended for chronic illness, both physical and emotional.

Summer is the time for travel. Make your summer travels safe and wonderful.

Travel Tips

To alleviate jet-lag, use Radiation Cleanse, Bright Brain, and Chakra Tonic 4-6 times per day and blessthebody.com Gold Light 2-3 times during the daylight hours and blessthebody.com Silver Light 2-3 times after dark. Insomnia is only a secondary symptom of jet-lag; it is best to begin this protocol two weeks before traveling and continue until two weeks after return.

Always carry a bottle of blessthebody.com First Aid with you for unforseen circumstances.

Feng Shui Tip

In Taoism, water symbolizes money — "the River of Abundance" and thus bathrooms in the home are important areas for wealth and prosperity energy. Always make sure that toilet seats are closed and leaky faucets are fixed so that money is not leaked or flushed away.

But bathrooms are also an important health-energy area. It is a place of bodily functions and as such everything in the bathroom should function well. It is a place of vulnerability and as such should be kept private — large windows do not give a sense of safety. It is also a place of "waste material" and should be kept away from the rest of the home — especially the kitchen. Keep the door closed at all times. If the bathroom opens onto the kitchen, place plants around the base of the toilet and a blessthehome.com Great Cure Prism outside the door.

Take time to detail-clean the bathroom and throw out accumulated clutter and old products. It will benefit your health and your prosperity.

May the information and products from the blesstheworld.com network bring the great joy of summer truly into your life.

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