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  May 2013    


May is the month for books. May is the month to give books as gifts ~ for Mothers Day, to sick friends, to yourself. Read as many books as you can this month and the benefits will far outweigh words.

April was National Poetry Month and the poetry movement in this country is flourishing ~the readings were full, the publication parties were numerous, the writing was non-stop.

My latest chapbook of minimalist poetry was just published. And here is the first review:

conversations by roy anthony shabla In his latest literary effort, conversations, Roy Anthony Shabla becomes the proverbial "fly on the wall". From this vantage point, he observes and light-heartedly describes the awkward social interactions inherent in the potential and ongoing relationships of others as well as his own. His inimitable poetic banter is both entertaining and biting and can even be, at times, poignant. A highly readable chapbook, conversations is a welcome addition to Shabla's growing ouvre.

My previous chapbook, while more abstract, is still about communication. i write therefore i am is a book about why writers write, why readers read. It also received great reviews

My two full-length books of poetry, libretti lumi and eating God, remain staple favorites and good sellers. If you have not read them, you have treats awaiting you!

libretti lumi itself has a long section on interpersonal communication ~this must be a theme in my work!

peace words roy anthony shabla

While not poetry, (PEACE) WORDS is my memoir of being a young poet and artist. This is an excellent read for young people struggling with identity or anyone trying to find his place in the world. It is about why we are all artists. The background of the story is the peace and equal rights movements and this book should be gifted to every politician in America. Jimmy Carter loved it.

So start your Summer reading early. Order books now as gifts to the Mothers in your life, the friends, the politicos... and enjoy!


Spring fever and longing for Summer can make it hard to maintain focus. If you will be reading all my books or are still in school, or if your job is very detail-oriented, you will benefit from a combination of Bright Brain and Be Happy. These remedies will make your focus sharper and your time spent reading or working more pleasurable.

I have been asked to donate Spiritual Remedies to several events and charity functions recently. I always give Radiation Cleanse in these situations, with other remedies as a gift basket or alone to be included in a gift bag. Radiation Cleanse is the most important remedy in the series and necessary for everyone. Do not discount its value in this time of using multiple electronic devices, enhanced security measures, cellphones, computers, and microwaved food. Everyone on the planet has radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima in his body. There is no escaping it. But Radiation Cleanse is the only thing on the market to counteract and remove radiation from your body. It makes all healing better.

Feng Shui

If you did not think about my feng shui predictions during several events this past month, you definitely need spiritual remedies to help maintain focus. I was contacted after each disaster, death, or dismemberment. It has been an awful month to be right.

Except for the cold and flu problems, things this month will in general be better. For this months predictions and treatments, click here.

Thank you for your love and support.




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