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  January 2012    

Happy New Year! and are proud to announce the launch of a new website: features the art films of Roy Anthony Shabla ~ short poetry films, painting documentaries, and miscellaneous documentary footage by or about Roy Anthony Shabla. Take some time and enjoy these wonderful works. Many of the short poetry films are excerpted text from the new book of poetry, libretti lumi.

Hard Knocks

I am not making predictions for 2012 in this newsletter or on the website. Past predictions (however accurate) have been merely entertainment for my clients. It is disrespectful of the gift and the hard work. If you want to know your future, I am happy to book a psychic consultation with you.

Likewise, the feng shui monthly treatments in this newsletter will be reported simply and clearly. If you are unable to understand the treatments or need personalized help, you need to book a consultation. I will not be answering emails regarding posted information. If you have simple questions, you can book a three-question email.

There has been little response to the call for Annual Feng Shui Workshops. Right now, there will be a class in San Jose California and San Diego California. The Chinese Year of the Dragon begins in three weeks and the dates and locations for those workshops will be announced soon.


It is nine months since the disaster at the nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan. The reactor is not yet contained and nuclear radiation continues to leak into the environment. Government reports have greatly downplayed the severity of the ongoing disaster but reports of the radiation being detected all over the world continue to surface.

Educate yourself regarding nuclear radioactive fallout (Google, Wikipedia, etc). Then read the information about Radiation Cleanse.

New Year Resolutions

This is the conventional season for self-evaluation. Karma Cleanse will assist you in breaking unwanted patterns and moving forward in life. Combine with Implant Cleanse to remove deep-seated unhealthy patterns.

Drink Tea

Art of Tea is an award-winning boutique of organic and specialty kosher teas. Its intention is to make artisan tea fun and sensual. Fair-trade and organic, sustainable and green practices and packaging. A delight to the senses. Gift packages and tea accessories available.

Feng Shui

The Chinese Year of the Dragon begins on January 23. The week before, take down all your annual feng shui treatments and place them on the earth to cleanse and re-energize. They will be fine to use again when they are needed.

For the monthly feng shui treatments, click here.

We all have patterns to release that will improve our lives.,,, and now, all send you blessings to do just that. Happy New Year!


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