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  February 2019    

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Happy Pig in Mud begins on February 5th. It is going to be a wonderful year!

If you have not removed all your annual feng shui treatments from last year, do so immediately. Place them outside on the ground for clearing/cleaning or in the Center of your home and spray them with the Clean House Sprtiz.

The first sector to remedy is always Death and Disaster. This year, it is living in the Southwest. Remove all the earth-energy objects from the Southwest sector and place them either in the Center or the East.

Metal objects should remain in the Southwest and a strong metal windchime should be added. Do not burn candles in this sector. If you have a stove or fireplace or an excess of electronics in this area, book a feng shui consult or workshop now. The workshops begin immediately.

Death and Disaster is the worst energy for the year and in the Southwest, it is strong. This sector pertains to the woman of the house and wives. ( Other affiliations with the Southwest or any direction are based on the orientation of the house.) Because of this alone, women should wear metal jewelry instead of stone for the year.

For more information on feng shui, see my book Feng Shui Every Day. And reserve a consultation or workshop seat now.


My friend in Nepal has been grateful for the help we have sent. But it has been inadequate to his circumstances. He was having a single small meal every other day (or two) and now has returned to that schedule. Sometimes he is too weak to endure a full day. Plus, tuition for his last semester in graduate school is overdue. If he can graduate, he can work and improve his life.

Any donation to him should be sent to me and marked NEPAL:

Roy Anthony Shabla
Box 4503
Downey CA 90241

Thank you for your love and support of this unmet friend on the other side of the world.

Homeless Bags

During the Winter Holiday, I assemble comfort bags for the homeless. They contain toiletries and warm clothes and food and water. I have been doing this for many years outside any organization, funding the service myself. The bags remain in the back seat of my car and I give them out as needed. Yesterday (on my birthday), I gave out the last bag of the season.

While the weather is pleasant today, it is predicted we will have a very cold, wet winter for the next couple months. I want to produce another set of bags to continue this work with these unfortunate people. If you count a home among your blessings, consider donating to this private effort. 100% of funds goes directly to those in need. Send donations to the above address and earmark the check for the HOMELESS. Thank you.

Feng Shui Workshops

There is prosperity and abundance for everyone this year but the challenges will be great.

Women need to hold extra caution in all aspects of their lives. Men will live an extreme year, the highs and lows jump to the ends of the charts.

Romance will be given a boost but participants must keep a level head.

Book your seat in a feng shui workshop today to mitigate the challenges in life and enhance the good luck.

The Chinese Year of the Happy Pig in Mud Astrological Feng Shui Workshops Feng Shui Treatments Customized to Your Home for the Year

3+ Hours ~ $80

Contact host for details and preparations and to reserve your seat.

Saturday February 2, 2pm – Huntington Beach
( )

Sunday February 3, 2pm – San Diego
( )

Sunday February 10, 2pm – Los Angeles
( )

Saturday February 16, 4pm – Oakland
( )

Monday February 18, 2pm – Chowchilla
( )


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