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  May, 2009    


Let calmness and level-headedness be your watchwords for this month and always. Hysteria is a contagious disease. This are not the end of days, not the Armageddon. Many would like such a simple solution to the current problems of the world but it is not to be the case. This Earth will remain and we must take care of it; these bodies will remain and we must take care of them. The economy will slowly recover ~ do not live in a house of either desperation or denial. The pig flu will go the way of the bird flu ~ do not listen to the media of fear. A healthy life and lifestyle will serve you (and the Earth) better than the transitory, alleged facts of science. It is the unfulfilled life that attracts drama.

The planet Mercury is retrograde this month ~ look at the blessings it can bring! When Mercury is retrograde, lost income can return. It is a good time for pursuing self-awareness and quiet contemplation. You may have a wonderful trip traveling back to your place of birth or home-life. Once again, hysteria is not a useful characteristic at this time.

The feng shui this month has wonderful and terrible news. Find the middle road. Remedies will be placed for extreme conflict and illness (I am not worried about the pig flu but the vaccine injections people will take ~ death by sharp metal, poisoning…). On the other hand, augmentations will be placed that encourage happy marriage, long-term prosperity, and dreams-come-true. Keep your head and you heart out of the whirlwind and the universe will surrender its riches.

If you have not read my new book, (PEACE) WORDS, this is the perfect time to explore a world with which you may be unfamiliar. Art and activism will save the world.

The Spiritual Remedies recommended at this time are Chakra Tonic, Silver Light, and Grace and Peace and Joy. If you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, add Bright Immunity.

Chakra Tonic Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes. It supports the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues. Chakra Tonic is like "kundalini-yoga-in-a-bottle".

Silver Light Silver Light grounds you into the physical world and calms you in your physical life. It contracts your energy so you are not dispersed. This results in the ability to maintain focus. It is excellent for students, meditators, actors, councilors, and any detail-oriented work.

Grace and Peace and Joy

This remedy opens your life to the greatest qualities of grace and peace and joy in the world. It makes of your life a deep meditation that spreads itself to the edges of the universe. Use this remedy when you are finally serious about turning your life over to God.

Bright Immunity

This remedy brings vibrant light into the immune system and spiritually antidotes the causative agents of illness. Use it to remove the spiritual basis of colds, flu, serious dis-ease, miasms; use it to remove the spiritual basis of side-effects from antibiotics, immunizations, other pharmaceuticals; use it to remove the spiritual basis of fatigue, achiness, mal-digestion.

Astrological Feng Shui

Unless otherwise stated, maintain your annual treatments and remove last months' treatments.

In the South: yin water (one bottle of water).
In the Center: stop fire, place 6 x 6 coins.
In the West: yin water (four bottles of water).
In the Northeast: no fire, place five elements + six coins.
In the North: rhino and yin water (seven bottles of water).
In the Northwest: fire (three candles, one hour a day).

Do not place water in the bedroom. For more information, consult my book, Feng Shui Every Day.

Spend a wonderful month meditating and writing your memoirs. For meditation classes in the Los Angeles area, see information on the left.

May grace and peace and joy reign on Earth.




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