. July 2005  
Remembering Walt Whitman  

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The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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I draw a card
from the heart of the deck
and hold it to my heart.
the two of cups,
the card of communion:
one cup in heaven
eternally pours the wine,
the other on earth
pours it back again.

we are always giving and receiving
you and I~
we are each other's fulfillment.

I know this rain
that fills the garden
is your cup blessing mine.

I see it today
but it is always there.


This is the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and I encourage everyone to take a look at the great poetry of it once again. American literature and American music owe a great debt to the wild Uncle Walt.

The Planet Mercury goes retrograde Friday, July 22. Take extra care with travel and business/financial matters after that date.

For summer travel tips, see blesstheworld.com newsletters from previous summers. There are important recommendations to assist you in having a wonderful vacation.

Astrological Feng Shui

In this Chinese Year of the Rooster 2005, to encourage prosperity and financial success in your life, place in the West sector of your home a bowl of coins. The coins should not have been in your possession a long time — buy something small and get change from a local market or ask clients to each give you something from their pocket. There should be enough coins that you cannot count them visually. Stir the bowl clockwise with your left hand each day at 6 am and 6 pm if you are able.

With the Planet Mercury moving retrograde in this sixth month of the Chinese year, emphasis on finances is assured. The energy for finances in your life can be moving in a positive direction or a negative one. Make an effort to affect your life for the positive.

Jade Money-Luck Dangle

Jade is known as the semi-precious gemstone that changes bad luck to good and has a long history of reverence for that in Imperial China. This particular configuration of jade is exclusive to blessthehome.com and very effective for changing money-luck. Hang this dangle in your money corner or 6 sector depending on your feng shui, or by the front door to stimulate good money-luck. It is best activated with six metal coins in a red envelope or red silk pouch placed in the same area. Gather the coins together as token gifts from clients, collected as change from purchases, or found on the street. The placement of the Jade Money Luck Dangle is further enhanced by the Meditation Ritual to Increase Wealth.

Abundance is a spiritual energy-form in the universe that exists limitless and undying and is our birthright. If there is a lack of prosperity in your life, there is a blockage specific to that spiritual energy which prevents the abundance of the universe from flowing through you effortlessly and gracefully. The Jade Money Luck Dangle and the Meditation Ritual to Increase Wealth unblock the abundance energy-form and change money-luck.

Other wealth treatments:

  • 9 Ritual Envelopes/Blessing Tags
  • Eight Seeds of Fortune

Aura Spritz

The aura is a complex, multi-dimensional vibration-bundle which contains all information about you. A small portion of the aura is known as the light around the body, the halo. The complete aura exists both within and without time/space and contains all your spiritual bodies and reaches to the edges of the universe. Ascended Masters have access to the complete aura while most people operate within a very limited energy space.

Damage to the aura affects the physical body, the chakric body, the emotional body; it affects the physical life-process, the spiritual life-process.

The aura is damaged by many antagonists: radiation (use with blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse); family/inter-personal dysfunction (use with Chakra Tonic); anger, jealously (use with E-motion Potion)...

But most importantly, the aura is damaged by psychic attack, black magic, voodoo. Negative thoughts directed from a casual encounter are very tangible antagonists to the integrity of the aura. Ritual abuse/attack is much worse.

blessthebody.com Aura Spritz cleanses and repairs the aura at all levels and cuts karmic cords to all antagonists. It amplifies all other remedies (eg: see above; also: Silver Light for peace; Green Light for harmony/healing; Love Light for universal compassion, etcetera). For severe auric damage, use with blessthebody.com First Aid. For destructive empathy, use as a tonic with First Aid.

blessthebody.comAura Spritz is your first line of defense from bad luck in any form because everything exists in your aura before it exists in your life.

Karma Cleanse

Karma is the result of choices made during life experiences. Replication of poor choices creates karmic patterns which inhibit the fruition of joy in life. blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse removes patterns which block the easy flow of universal energy through you. It can be considered "White-Tantric-Yoga-in-a-bottle".

blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse removes the blockages to prosperity; intimacy; vitality. It removes mental and emotional blockages. It removes the blockages to spirituality. Karma Cleanse removes childhood patterns that do not serve your highest good; past-life patterns that do not serve your highest good. It removes spiritual patterns that do not serve your highest good.

blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse is definitely the "change-your-life remedy". Combine with E-motion Potion for a dynamic one-two punch.

May the information and products from blesstheworld.com enrich your life.

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