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  February 2016    

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Flaming Monkey begins on February 8th and the celebrations should be amazing! The monkey is known to be intelligent and humorous and hopefully we will see common sense manifest in the political and social forums. I am already amused by them.

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops and consultations have begun. If you are in California, reserve your seat now for workshops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Central Valley, or the Bay Area… or book a private consult. This is not a year to miss.

Women will have a wonderful year. Men will have a challenging year. Attend a workshop to receive customized treatments for your personal situation. It is well worth it.

Spiritual Remedies

The Planet Mercury has gone direct but there is still its shadow causing little problems here and there. The internal work associated with the time of Mercury Retrograde is a good opportunity for clearing karma. Take time now during the retrograde shadow to use Karma Cleanse to clear unwanted patterns and begin the Chinese New Year fresh.

I could list all kinds of attributes associated with Karma Cleanse but the only one anyone seems to care about is the removal of blockages to prosperity. Yes, Karma Cleanse opens the flow of abundance from the universe into your life. Read the testimonials. And use it.

The radiation from Fukushima has been leaking into the water and air of the planet for five years. It is still leaking. And there is no mention of it in the news, the political debates, the social media. Radiation is the undoing of healthy life. Reports of mutant fish and other sea life between Japan and California is overwhelming. Yet there is little interest from the governments nor the public.

Take care of yourself. This will be a year of illness. Use Radiation Cleanse and Chakra Tonic every day. It is more important than you realize.

T shirts

Most of you know that my only political leanings are in favor of peace, equal rights, and ecology. This is not a year to be dismissive of these subjects. Aberrations against the planet and the inhabitants of the planet seem to be increasing despite common knowledge that we can be better. Let the world know you care, wear a Peace Shirts t-shirt supporting peace, equal rights, or ecology. Your voice may be the one that saves the world.

Thank you for your love and support.


Most Feng Shui subscriptions expired at the end of December 2015. If, you want to renew or become new subscriber click here to e-mail Gregg, so he can send you an invoice.


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