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  December 2010    

Happy Holidays!

Tequila TalesRoyAnthonyShabla.com and Two Friends Press are pleased to announce the publication of Tequila Tales, an anthology of short fiction featuring the iconic Mexican beverage, tequila. Edited by Millie Johanna Heur and Roy Anthony Shabla, this collection spans genres from romance to comedy to science fiction to mystery. It is a testament to this multi-faceted beverage and makes a great gift for your more literate drinkers! For more information, see TequilaTales.com.

A publication reading for Tequila Tales will be held at {open} in Long Beach, California on December 7th at 7 pm. See {open} for details.

eating God bookFor the other kind of "spiritual" people, eating God has been updated and expanded. If you have not read ~or not recently read~ this book of ecstatic poetry chronicling one man’s pilgrimage through life in the eternal search for love and truth, you are in for a delight. Very human and humble. A "must-read" for anyone practicing yoga, meditation, or any of the spiritual arts. If poets could be superstars, Roy Anthony Shabla would be the man to watch. ~Spirit of the Valley. For more information, see RoyAnthonyShabla.com.

(PEACE) WORDS book(PEACE) WORDS is a portrait of the artist as a young vandal, a documentary of the young poet as a peace activist. This is the story of an outsider who finds his way and his place in the world despite the idiocy of convention. Excellent reading for budding writers and artists but a treat for all. For more information, see RoyAnthonyShabla.com.


Feng Shui Every Day bookFeng Shui Every Day has also been recently updated and expanded. This practical handbook of modern architectural ecology is easy to understand and simple to use. It reveals many secrets masters keep hidden. A "must-read" for anyone buying or remodeling a home, investing in real estate, or trying to improve luck in life. For more information, see blesstheworld.com.


Two Friends Press is a literary collaboration between Millie Johanna Heur and Roy Anthony Shabla committed to publishing quality anthologies and building a literary community. For more information, see TwoFriendsPress.com.

Remedy News

The blessthebody.com Personal Remedies Be In Love (for inter-personal bonding and monogamy), Be Happy (to counteract depression and encourage mental stability), and Be Awake (for mental clarity when sleepy) have proven to be valuable assets to the blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies. blessthebody.com Skin Mantra has been a private and professional (marketed under a different name) favorite for years. There is a great gift among these for everyone.

New to the blessthebody.com Personal Remedies page are affiliates with products of an intimate nature. Natural supplements and topical remedies for sexual health and personal rejuvenation have been chosen for your convenience. Combining these with Be In Love, Be Happy, Be Awake, and Skin Mantra can make a huge and delightful difference in your life. Make a gift of these to someone you love.

Astrological Feng Shui

The feng shui astrology has been building energy toward war and major disaster. This is the month it hits; it is not the time to play with your life. Personal body problems increase in all areas – from illness to injury to death. Take special care with your diet, your traveling, your playing during this holiday season. You will enjoy yourself more without problems.

For feng shui cures to ensure the best possible luck for the month of December, click here.

We are now scheduling Feng Shui Workshops for February. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Roy.

May the Winter Solstice light a fire in your heart to keep you safe and warm and the true nature of the season bless your life many times over.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you from RoyAnthonyShabla.com and blesstheworld.com.
Thank you for your love and support.


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