. February 2003  
Happy Chinese New Year!  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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Feng Shui

Astrological Treatments

Every year, the various feng shui attributes of good and bad luck move to different sectors of the architecture. Annual treatments to cure or enhance each type of luck must be placed to insure the most favorable year possible.

The Chinese Year of the Goat 2003 begins on February 1st. This will be a year with difficult issues in health and prosperity. Certain astrologies will also have challenges in romance.

Give yourself access to the best luck available to you this year while averting disaster.

Astrological Feng Shui Consultation





Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese Year of the Sheep (Goat, Ram — it is the same word in Chinese) begins February 1st and we are promised a very different year than the last. The gait of the animal illustrates the pace of the year — the horse was swift; the goat is sure-footed and the sheep is steady: thus this will be a year to attend to the details that got ignored last year. It is wise to use the time as such ( blessthebody.com Silver Light will help you to maintain focus - see below).

Feng Shui Astrology

The astrology of this Year of the Sheep suggests water-energy problems. While we had water problems in the astrology last year (flooding/drought), this year is different.

Beware of stagnant water. Water sources may become contaminated. Drought may result, but what we see before that is mosquito diseases and parasites. Install whole-house filters or drink/cook with bottled water. Check your property for stagnant pools. Install a fountain near the front door and/or in the East sector of your home to stimulate healthy water-energy.

There are also earth-energy problems this year. If you have not had your home dowsed for ley lines (geopathic - geo: earth; pathic: toxin/stress) this is the year to do it. Negative earth-energy can result in every disease from insomnia to leukemia. Go to blessthehome.com for an architectural ecology consultation.

The most important astrological feng shui treatment for any year is to remedy the disaster area (see blesstheworld.com newsletter August 2002). This Chinese Year of the Sheep has the disaster area in the Southeast sector of the architecture. If you placed a Great Cure Wind Chime in the East sector last year, now is the time to move it to the Southeast. If you are new to feng shui astrology, every year the attributes of good and bad luck move to different sectors of the architecture. The only way to combat the worst luck is with "moving- metal" — and the Great Cure Wind Chime is the best moving-metal remedy for the disaster area. Moving- metal is also needed in the North sector this year to combat illness.

Success Stories

One client had been using the blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic to alleviate heart palpitations. She had been without tachycardia for so long that when she recently ran out of the remedy, she did not immediately re-fill it. The heart palpitations returned. She began using the Chakra Tonic again and the palpitations stopped. She is grateful and now will not be without it. She wanted us to know you cannot appreciate how wonderful the remedies are until you STOP using them — and start again.

The stagnant water-energy of this Chinese year can lead to stagnant kidney chi (which can lead to heart disorders). We suggest blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic and Bright Immunity to maintain strong kidney chi.

The depressed earth-energy of this Chinese year can cause stomach problems.

The Chinese Year of the Sheep will be a detail-oriented year. To help maintain focus on details, we recommend blessthebody.com Silver Light.

Silver Light

Hysteria, frenzy, spacey-ness are antithetical to being productive and manifesting a glorious present and future. Anxiety/nervousness prevents you from being your authentic self.

Silver Light grounds you into the physical world and calms you in your physical life. It contracts your energy so you are not dispersed. This results in the ability to maintain focus. It is excellent for students, meditators, actors, councilors, and any detail-oriented work. Combine with blessthebody.com Bright Brain for deeper effects.

What Have You Done Today to Save the World?

It is a turbulent time in the world. Let grace and peace and joy begin with you — and from you, let them infect the world. To stimulate these in yourself, combine blessthebody.com Gold Light and Green Light and Pink Light. (To relieve anxiety regarding this turbulence, add Silver Light and/ or First Aid.)

To stimulate grace and peace and joy in yourself, activate (or re-activate) your meditation practice.

To stimulate grace and peace and joy in yourself, re-affirm your dietary discipline.

Every thought, every act, every moment of existence you have from a place of grace and peace and joy transforms the world. Change yourself, change the planet. Heal yourself, heal the world.

This will be a great year if we each slow down and take care of the details. May the products and services from the blesstheworld.com network assist you in making the Chinese Year of the Sheep the best ever.

P.S. Happy Saint Valentine's Day! To stimulate attractiveness and romance in your life, combine blessthebody.com Gold Light and Pink Light. For a deeper connection, add Love Light .

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