. December 2007
Returning Holiness to Your Holiday Season

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

A Network of Blessings


5 pm

$16 per session

The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico




in the morning,
my company is a cup of tea.

boiling water and leaves
make the drink of kings
even a poor man affords.

nature reveals its secrets
to the quiet tea-drinker;
the quiet tea-drinker
keeps no secrets from the world.

if the tea is too hot,
it is not tasted.

if the tea is too cool,
it is not savored.

if the tea is too strong,
it is not finished.

if the tea is too weak,
it is not valued.

there is a moment
when the tea is sublime~
step into that moment,
steep in that moment.

boiling water and leaves
make the drink of buddhas
even a poet affords…

but observation is the recipe:

know when to remove
the water from the fire.
know when to remove
the leaves from the water.

what results
is not fire nor water nor leaves.

what results
is a moment of peace
warming your hands
through a perfect bowl.

Happy Winter Holidays,

The frenzy of the consumer season is upon us and the obligation of the holidays may be weighing on your mind. blesstheworld.com would like to offer suggestions for returning “holiness” to the holidays and simplify your experience of the season. Meditation and yoga can save your mind and your soul; shopping online can save your mind and the planet (and your pocketbook with the price of gas); and the blessthebody.com spiritual remedies can save the entire universe, one spritz at a time! May you live the magic of the season with grace and peace and joy.

Winter Solstice Workshop
Saturday, December 22, 5-7pm.
The Blessings Center Los Angeles
Pre-register price: $36

New Year’s Eve Event
Monday, December 31, 5pm.
The Blessings Center Los Angeles
Pre-register price: $54

For information/reservations: 323-930-2803

Peace Shirts

To give a gift that means something in the world, give Peace Shirts ~ Clothing With A Cause. For men, women, and children, these t and sweat shirts say you care. They come in various styles and colors and reflect just the right sentiment so needed today. For a complete list of t shirts, go to RoyAnthonyShabla.com. Great minds dream alike.

Spiritual Remedies

The blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies most pertinent to the holiday season are Silver and Gold Lights. blessthebody.com Silver Light calms the frenzy; and Gold Light stimulates the party feeling. All the Spiritual Remedies are great stocking stuffers ~ go to blessthebody.com to select the perfect remedies for your loved ones or see the list at RoyAnthonyShabla.com. Shipping and handling are free of charge.
Silver Light

Hysteria, frenzy, and spacey-ness are antithetical to being productive and manifesting a glorious present and future. Anxiety/nervousness prevents you from being your authentic self.

Silver Light grounds you into the physical world and calms you in your physical life. It contracts your energy so you are not dispersed. This results in the ability to maintain focus. It is excellent for students, meditators, actors, councilors, and any detail-oriented work. Combine with blessthebody.com Bright Brain for deeper effects.

Gold Light

Inertia, lethargy, dullness are antithetical to being productive and manifesting a glorious present and future. Shyness/cautiousness prevents you from being your authentic self.

blessthebody.com Gold Light stimulates you in the physical world and excites you in your physical life. It expands your energy field so you become dynamic. This results in great magnetism, charisma, attractiveness. It is excellent for performers and other people in the public eye. Combine with Pink Light for attracting romance. Combine with Green Light for attracting health and money.

With global dimming (less sunlight due to pollution) and the Winter daytimes (less sunlight due to shorter daylight hours and the lower angle of the sun), blessthebody.com Gold Light is more important than ever. Lack of sunlight contributes to vitamin d deficiency (and all that entails), seasonal adjustment disease and depression, and various other glandular/hormonal imbalances. Use blessthebody.com Gold Light liberally throughout the Winter season to help alleviate sun deficiency and improve your general well being.
Body of Water

My handmade book, Body of Water, will be available this month. A beautiful work of art, this limited edition book includes a two-color letterpress, hand sewn booklet with an original painting; a dvd of the short film, Body of Water, with special artwork; packaged in a portfolio of handmade paper. Each is signed and numbered. $180. RoyAnthonyShabla.com

Feng Shui

One aspect of the Winter Holidays worldwide is the display of evergreen. “Christmas” trees predate the Christian era and Pagans and Witches decorate with evergreen as a symbol of hope, core vitality, and resurrection.

In feng shui, trees are a symbol of vitality as it pertains to prosperity and romance. But trees can also bring conflict ~ to avoid this, never group three in a room (trees are never allowed in the bedroom because you cannot rest properly with another “live” entity in the room ~ this includes artificial trees ~ and because they deplete your oxygen). If you have conflict in your life, dress your holiday tree with red lights.

Decorate your holiday tree with gold and silver balls to symbolize an abundance of money and harmonious dealings with money.

Decorate your holiday tree with soft pink balls to symbolize a vital romantic life.

If you have a history of trauma or grief, do not decorate with sentimental ornaments. Definitely never use broken ornaments.

Antique decorations offer the potential of stable finances and enduring abundance. Make sure they are in reasonable condition.

Trees work best in the North and the East and are most challenged in the West. It is not recommended to put a tree in the Southeast.

Always keep live trees healthy, beautiful, and safe; and artificial trees clean.

May the hope of the season grow in your heart.


For more information about myself, my work, and the wonderful world around us, read my blog, “What Has Reality Ever Done For Me?” at RoyAnthonyShabla.com. I post as regularly as I am able with information about news events, spiritual events, or just my daily life.I will post the day and time of my next radio interview and all other important, life-altering information.

May the Holiday Season enhance the blessing of your life. Best wishes from blesstheworld.com

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