. December 2004  
Spiritual Discipline and Taking Action  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

  A Network of Blessings




5 pm

$10 per session

The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico




I drink deeply from your huge cup
and thirst for other is quenched.

I swoon from your nectar on my tongue.
wine has no effect like this.

the elixir of your essence floods my mouth.
even my heart overflows from this encounter.

I swallow every drop of you.
no sweeter juice exists.

you are the silver liquid of my soul;
the spray of stars across my universe.

you are a cool refreshment of the world
on the summer evening of a journey.

* * *

I drink deeply from the huge cup of you
and am quenched.

I swoon from your truth on my tongue.
poetry has no effect like this.

your essence floods my body like a drug.
my soul overflows with grace.

I swallow every drop of your creation.
no sweeter life exists.

you are the golden light of my soul;
the true north star of my world.

you are the cool refreshment of my life
on a summer evening of the journey.

Happy Holy Days!

May this season bless you every day and renew your delight with the world.

Mark Your Calendar

December 5th, Sunday: Artists Market at the Blessings Center — Holiday gifts and personal treasures, items from $10 to $300+. 2pm to 5pm. Come early and stay for meditation class.

December 19th, Sunday: Winter Solstice Workshop — align yourself with the cosmos and begin to love your life. 4pm to 7 pm. $35 advance. This will replace the regular Sunday Evening Meditation Class.

January 2nd, Sunday: Channeling for the New Year — come hear the spiritual forecast for the Year 2005. 5pm. $25 advance. This will replace the regular Sunday Evening Meditation Class.

Please note: reserve your space in advance for these events. The cost on the day of the event is $10 more.

Also: Sunday evenings after meditation class, the Blessings Center is having "Video Night". Come hear spiritual lectures and connect with interesting people. 6:30pm. Free/Donation. BYOP (Bring your own popcorn — and food to share!) Currently showing is a lecture series by Yogi Bhaijan on the quality and functioning of the mind.

Mercury Retrograde

The planet Mercury is retrograde until December 20th. Step out of the anxiety that usually accompanies the announcement of this astronomical phenomenon — every astrological feature has both positive and negative manifestations. The planet Mercury pertains to masculine energies, commerce, technology, transportation, communication. Aggressive tendencies can become more civilized. Past sources of income can return. New-found appreciation for computers, automobiles, etcetera, may appear. The process of self-awareness may be enhanced.

There is the possibility of a decrease in war-energy (even though Mars is the God of War, modern war-making is a combination of masculine energy, commerce, and technology). Say a prayer that Mercury retrograde brings a cessation of war for the Holy Days.

For various reasons (weather, astronomy, holiday food, holiday stress...) we have entered a period of kidney challenges. To insure complete kidney function, blessthebody.com Herbal Remedy Fountain of Youth is recommended.

Fountain of Youth

The vitality of the kidneys is indicative of the vitality of the body itself. Without proper functioning of the kidneys, the heart is distressed and thus the body is distressed. Without proper functioning of the kidneys, the liquids of the body stagnate and back-up into various areas.

blessthebody.com Herbal Remedy Fountain of Youth promotes the health and vitality of the kidneys, balancing the liquids of the body, easing the heart, and returning vitality to the person.

Traditionally, some of these herbs have been used for edema, congestion, back pain, sweating.

Take one capsule five times per day, or as needed. Always consult a qualified alternative medicine practitioner when starting or adjusting a health regime.

Combine with blessthebody.com Herbal Remedies: Resurrection, Tai Chi, 1000 Lotus Petals, Love of Life, Sunshine, Release,Garden of Peace — as needed.

Combine with blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies: Radiation Cleanse, Bright Brain, First Aid, Chakra Tonic, E-motion Potion, Gold Light, White Light, Implant Cleanse, Grace and Peace and Joy — as needed.

Not only does Mercury retrograde enhance the process of self-awareness but the coming Winter Solstice and the lengthening of the nighttime orients your psyche toward internal investigation. This is a perfect time to get at the root of personal problems. blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse is recommended.

Implant Cleanse

Deep-seated encoding and implants from fourth-dimensional interference or hereditary karma can impede the ability of the DNA structure to replicate correctly, causing mutation and illness. Often this is a vibrational disturbance that is subtle and the problem manifests over a period of time. Other cases are more overt and acute.

blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse removes the vibrational disturbance creating the underlying imbalance. Combine with blessthebody.com Love Light for best results. Add Aura Spritz and White Light for particularly difficult situations. Add blessthebody.com herbal remedy Sunshine to speed physical change. This is highly recommended for chronic illness, both physical and emotional.

White Light

Prana is the basic animating force of the universe. It is the "chi", the life-force, the vitality of all things that exist. It is the energy within atoms; the consciousness of sub-atomic particles, the spiritual within the material. A decrease of prana is degeneration.

blessthebody.com White Light enhances prana and removes all drains to prana, thus increasing vitality. It stimulates life-force in the body, the home, the business. blessthebody.com White Light is also an etheric cleanser. Combine with Aura Spritz to remove unwanted energy from yourself, your jewelry and objects, your room.

To bring light/vitality to the brain, combine with Bright Brain.

To bring light/vitality to the immune system, combine with Bright Immunity.

To bring light/vitality to the chakras, combine with Chakra Tonic.

To bring light/vitality to the aura, combine with Aura Spritz.

To bring light/vitality to the life, combine with Gold Light.

To bring light/vitality to the world, combine with Green Light.

To bring light/vitality to the universe, combine with Love Light.

To bring light/vitality to the darkness, combine with Implant Cleanse.

The channeling session of November 1, 2004 indicates that the results of the United States Presidential Election manifested because of a lack of spiritual discipline. This country and the planet as a whole needs the resolve to put spiritual beliefs into practice. Walk the walk. While we are not here to make any political statements, the struggle that is manifesting (continuing to manifest) on the planet can only be alleviated by the completion and release of karma. Discontent with elected officials, the economy, the wars that dot the planet is useless without action. And it is our belief that spiritual action is far more effective than physical (because the spiritual precedes and informs the physical).

While we know this newsletter directly circulates and is read by well over a thousand people, we also know that much of the advice is neither heeded nor practiced. It has become entertainment. While you do not need to do what is advised here, it is time to DO SOMETHING. This newsletter merely offers an option. If you have other means of releasing karma, go forth and release. Otherwise, please take the time to re-read the text from the last channeling session. Take the time to forward this newsletter to everyone on your email list, offering them the option. Take the time TO MAKE A COMMITMENT to a meditation class; to practicing the Meditation Rituals on the website; to making your life an active meditation.

May the information, products, and services from blesstheworld.com help you make everyday a holy day.

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