Astrological Feng Shui

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September 2013

In the Northwest, Inheritance coming, add metal.

In the North, Dynamic work, float a candle in a bowl of water. Add a five-elements treatment with a tai chi.

In the Northeast, Loss of tangible dream, increase moving water and fire.

In the East, Stress-related illness, stop fire. Add moving metal.

In the Southeast, Conflict in romance, add two five-elements treatments.

In the South, Dynamic future, increase fire.

In the Southwest, Income for the healing arts / good time to partner, increase metal.

In the West, Surprise money, increase moving water.

In the Center, Divorce / spouse abuse, add three five-elements treatments and four bottles of water.

Remedy of the month: Be Awake

Natural, vibrational stimulant. Organic, spiritual energy-enhancer. No caffeine or ephedra. No drug side-effects. No over-dose. Get energy for a long day. Stay awake to study or rave. Great for long-distance drivers or long-term meditators. Focus like a star athlete. Undetectable. Use as needed.

If you are unsure about your placement of treatments, book a consultation with Roy Anthony Shabla or refer to Feng Shui Every Day.

Do not place a water feature (fountain, aquarium) in a bedroom or bathroom. Alternate treatments must be used. Only place a water feature in a kitchen with the help of a feng shui master.

Do not place plants in a bedroom.

For elemental treatments, go to the Feng Shui Shops.

For more information about the Chinese five-elements or for alternative treatments, see Feng Shui Every Day. This is the best feng shui handbook available.